Get More Details and Offer More Accurate Diagnoses with Barco Medical Display Monitors

If you are looking for new radiology monitors for your medical office, then image quality is paramount. Better image quality on your monitor could mean the difference between a detail you miss or catch. It could be the difference between an inaccurate assessment and an accurate diagnosis. And by extension, that higher quality image could mean the difference between death and life.

At Tech Data, we fully stand behind every healthcare product we carry, ranging from urodynamic to colposcopy. We fully believe that, if you are looking for a radiology monitor, you need to look at the Barco monitor range. Barco medical displays offer unparalleled brightness, contrast, detail and overall image quality. With one of these devices at your practice, you will be better equipped to make the right calls, lodge the correct diagnoses, start the right treatments and save lives.

About Barco’s Superior Medical Monitors

Barco is a multi-faceted technology company whose roots date all the way back to 1934. Unlike some of the brands that we sell at Tech Data, Barco is not a company whose endeavours are exclusively focused on the healthcare industry. Instead, Barco has a presence in everything from film to broadcasting to security and government. What Barco is known for, though, is the manufacture of superior display technology.

As you might expect, a company that has been focusing on the development of top-tier screens and projectors for decades is the ideal source for radiology displays. Barco’s medical monitors take everything the company has learned about display, lighting and resolution over the years and parlay it into devices that can, will and do save lives.

Barco displays provide unbeatable radiology imaging. View images in colour or grayscale. View them as static images or moving pictures. View them with sharp contrast and brilliant brightness that helps shine a light on every minute detail. The displays are even designed to be easier on the eyes of radiologists, making them an essential asset for occupational health and safety as well as saving lives.

Barco’s medical displays aren’t just for radiology, either. On the contrary, Tech Data also carries Barco monitors that have been built for mammography, surgical procedures and other clinical specialities and procedures. Regardless of category, these displays help doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to do their job more accurately and efficiently. Results include fewer mistakes and higher quality treatments.

Start Exploring Tech Data’s Range of Barco Monitors and Displays Today

What type of clinical display do you need for your medical office or hospital? Whether your focus is surgery, radiology or something else, Tech Data can probably help you find the bright and high-resolution images that you require. Also, we can help you understand the distinction between different displays available in individual categories so that you can find the right monitor for your radiology, mammography or surgical needs.

To start learning more about Barco’s medical monitors, give us a call at Tech Data today. You can reach us by dialling 02 8875 0477 right now.