OB & GYN Offices: Get Your Colposcopy Machines and Other Equipment in Australia from Tech Data

For Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists throughout Australia, Tech Data has the solutions necessary to help outfit offices with the latest in medical technology. For these critical devices, we mostly rely on Edan Instruments, a company known for its healthcare products—particularly in the OB and GYN fields. From CTG machines and Fetal dopplers to ultrasound technology, Edan Instruments is a dependable source for quality OB GYN tools globally.

As a distributor for Edan Instruments in Australia—with a focus on their OB and GYN technologies—Tech Data can help Obstetrics and Gynaecological offices throughout the country, take their practices to the next level. One key product category that we carry at Avnet is colposcopy equipment. When examining pregnant women, quality colposcopy machines are a must, and Avnet can provide them.

The Advantages of Using Edan Colposcopy Equipment in Australia

What are the main advantages of the colposcopy machines that Edan Instruments has introduced to the market in recent years? From easy usability to sharp detail, Edan’s colposcopy equipment is simply among the finest on the market.

Among other things, Edan’s video colposcopy machines offer high-quality images and quick focus features, to ensure faster, more efficient and more accurate cervical examinations. The systems are so fast, in fact, that they provide a real-time display on the video screen—even in the midst of motion or magnification.

Edan colposcopy equipment also includes an advanced lighting system which helps heighten the detail of exams. Each machine is outfitted with an LED cold lighting system that allows for bright illumination of the examination site. In addition, Edan machines include an electronic green filter feature, which helps enhance the quality of the video display image without diminishing the brightness of the LED lighting. These features allow for higher quality full-screen images, which gynaecologists can use to perform more accurate exams, spot issues more reliably and make better decisions for clinical treatments.

Another benefit of using Edan’s colposcopy machines for your Australia OB GYN practice is easy operation. Edan’s machines come equipped with numerous features designed specifically for clinical gynaecological applications. The result is that these systems can be integrated seamlessly into virtually any gynaecological office. These features include a keyboard system that allows for intuitive one-hand operation and software that allows for easy image capture, analysis, printing and export.

Outfit Your Office with the Finest OB GYN Technologies Around

Edan Instruments has become a global source for useful and state of the art OB GYN tech solutions. At Tech Data, we can help you outfit your office with the most vital of these instruments, from colposcopy machines to baby heartbeat monitors, all the way to ultrasound systems.

To learn more about these systems and their unique, valuable features—or to order a colposcopy machine for installation in your office in Australia or New Zealand—contact Tech Data directly. You can reach us via telephone, on 02 8875 0477, or by filling out and submitting this contact form.