Get Accurate Readings of Unborn Heartbeats with Fetal Doppler Monitor Machines from Tech Data in Australia

When a couple comes into your medical office to check on the health and development of their unborn child, one of the most notable moments of the appointment is when they get to hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Needless to say, if your office does these kinds of check-ups, it is of vital importance that you have functional and reliable equipment on hand to perform those heartbeat readings.

These days, the easiest and most reliable way to check the heartbeat of an unborn child is with a fetal Doppler machine. At Tech Data, we carry a range of fetal Doppler monitors in Australia, all from the trusted Edan brand. We can help you find the monitor that you need to find that heartbeat, listen to it and determine any issues or irregularities. Our fetal Doppler machines also give new parents the gift of hearing their child’s heartbeat for the first time—a miraculous moment for all involved parties.

The Benefits of Using a Fetal Doppler During Pregnancy

Pregnant women and their families tend to love fetal Doppler machines, and for good reason. Parents of unborn children feel closer to their baby (or babies) when they can actually hear that heartbeat. Hearing a baby’s heartbeat for the first time helps facilitate deeper bonding and love between couples who are expecting, as well as among their entire family. There is a reason that it is considered one of the major milestones of any pregnancy.

By having a high-quality fetal Doppler in your Australia medical office, you can provide these memorable moments. Just as importantly, you can do it easily. The fetal Doppler monitors from Edan are easy-to-use devices that use the Doppler Effect to detect a baby’s heartbeat. The heartbeat is then transmuted through a speaker on the fetal Doppler, making it easy for multiple people in the same room to listen to the heartbeat at once.

Milestone moments are not the only benefits that a fetal Doppler monitor can provide. Indeed, the fetal Doppler machines that Tech Data carries in Australia don’t just pick up the baby’s heartbeat, but can also detect fetal movement. It captures activity in the uterus, intrauterine pressure and other factors that might affect the health of the baby, the safety of the birth or the postpartum well-being of the mother herself. In other words, Tech Data carries fetal Doppler machines that can be instrumental in planning the birth and administering necessary medical care to the child and the mother alike.

Learn More about the CTG Monitors We Carry in Australia

Tech Data carries four different Tech Data CTG machines, distributing them to hospitals and medical offices throughout Australia. There is a base model (the F3), a mid-level model (the F6) and a high-tech top-tier model (the F9). We also carry a handheld model, which you can offer to pregnant mothers or midwives for easy at-home monitoring. All CTG Monitors products come from Edan.

If you are looking for a CTG monitor or Fetal doppler in Australia, count on Tech Data as your distributor. Call us today on 02 8875 0477 to learn more about the differences between our fetal Doppler/ CTG Monitors models or to place an order for a specific product.