Invest in the Finest Urodynamic Systems Available in Australia, with Laborie Systems from Tech Data

Hospitals and medical practices looking for the finest urodynamic systems available on the market should look no further than Tech Data. At Tech Data, we are the exclusive distributor for Laborie Urodynamics products in Australia and New Zealand alike. Laborie is known globally as the foremost name in Urodynamic testing. Our selection includes Laborie Urodynamic systems in a range of different designs and price ranges so that you can easily find the unit you need for your practice.

About Laborie Urodynamic

Laborie’s Urodynamic systems are renowned as a manufacturer of niche healthcare devices, the company’s influence has a worldwide reach. Founded in 1967, Laborie was a pioneering company in urodynamic technology. In the years since, Laborie has shifted and expanded its focus, not only developing powerful urodynamic devices but also creating useful healthcare tools for the fields of urology, gastroenterology, uro-gynaecology and more.

Throughout its business timeline, Laborie has repeatedly been at the forefront of innovations in the field of urodynamics. In 1984, the company released the world’s first computerised urodynamic system. In 1988, Laborie urodynamic systems added integration with the Windows operating system—another industry first. In 2003, Laborie was the first company to create an entirely wireless urodynamic system—as well as the first to add Bluetooth functionality to their device.

Throughout these years of evolution, Laborie and their flagship urodynamic machine range—Aquarius—have become commonplace in medical offices throughout the world. To this day, there is no brand manufacturing finer tools for assessing bladder and urethra function.

Invest in Laborie Urodynamic Machines for Your Office

If you have been searching for the best Urodynamic devices in Australia, then Tech Data can help you find them. As the exclusive distributor for all Laborie innovations, we have helped countless healthcare facilities integrate Laborie Urodynamic systems into their day-to-day operations. We are happy to help you find the right machine for your office, practice or hospital.

At Tech Data, we currently carry urodynamic machines from three of Laborie’s ranges: Aquarius, Goby and Dorado. Our three Aquarius machines—the LT, the CT and the XT—provide comprehensive performance at different price ranges. The LT is a laptop-based system, while the XT is widely considered to be the most advanced pelvic floor diagnostics system currently available. The CT lands somewhere in between.

The Goby and the Dorado, meanwhile, are ideal for different situations. The Goby is the most compact urodynamic system on the market—from Laborie or any other brand. The Dorado KT offers high-speed performance and full customization at a lower price point than the Aquarius XT.

Are you interested in learning more about the Laborie Urodynamic systems that Tech Data sells in Australia and New Zealand? Call us on 02 8875 0477 or click here and fill out our contact form to get in touch. We are happy to tell you more about the model-to-model differences of the urodynamic machines we carry, as well as discuss how we might partner to meet your medical device needs.