Struggling with Your Video Colposcope Machine? Get the Repairs, Servicing and Assistance You Need in Australia by Calling Tech Data Today

For many gynaecology practices, the video colposcope is the single most important piece of equipment in the office. It’s the machine that allows the doctor to perform examinations, make critical decisions or diagnoses and provide effective clinical treatments. As a result, if your video colposcope machine isn’t working correctly, it can lead to a significant breakdown in productivity—if not worse.

At Tech Data, we understand how important it is for colposcopy systems to remain up and running at all times. Any camera issues (or other hardware concerns) or troubleshooting problems with the software can preclude your office from seeing and serving patients.

Call Tech Data to Service Your Video Colposcope in Australia

Tech Data is known widely as a sales and marketing channel. If you need to buy a new video colposcope (or other OB GYN and healthcare instruments), Tech Data is one of the most reliable sources in Australia for those products.

However, do also note that Tech Data is more than just a sales company. On the contrary, in addition to serving as a supplier for a wide range of medical industry brands and systems, we also have highly experienced and highly technical customer support teams on the payroll. If your video colposcope machine goes down, there is a good chance that we will be able to provide servicing and repair.

The video colposcopes we sell in Australia come from the Edan Instruments brand, a leading name in colposcopy around the world. If your video colposcope machine originates from the Edan brand—or if you initially purchased the camera system from us—there is an excellent chance that we will be able to provide a repair.

If your system is unsalvageable for whatever reason, Tech Data can also provide a replacement. Our video colposcopes are reliable and will provide a range of features to help you do your job and serve your patients more effectively. Furthermore, thanks to our unique logistics system—built over the course of years of high-volume orders—we can provide quick deliveries and installations of all the systems that we sell. In other words, you will be able to get your practice back up and running at full speed in no time—even if you have to purchase an entirely new video colposcope machine.

Should you choose to work with Tech Data to replace your video colposcope in Australia or New Zealand, please ask about our extended warranty options. We might be able to provide you with extra coverage, to protect you in the unlikely case of another breakdown in the future.

Reach out to Tech Data Today

Perhaps your video colposcope machine has failed completely, or maybe the camera is just starting to have difficulty focusing and getting a sharp, clear image. Either way, there is no sense in trying to carry on your work with a system that doesn’t provide the best results. Instead, call Tech Data today and enquire about our repair services. We will see what we can do to fix your system and can replace it if it proves unrepairable. Dial 02 8875 0477 to learn more.