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It’s a quest for identity – with every work culture requiring proof of authorisations, accreditations, and security clearances. Employees must showcase who they are and what they’re allowed to do, bearing ID badges through every corridor. This helps to create a more efficient environment, corralling individuals to their designated areas and ensuring that all tasks are completed correctly.

Tech Data recognises the need to highlight the qualifications of men and women in the workplace. This is why we offer access to plastic card printers in Australia, connecting companies to the quality in-house technology they require to promote efficiency every day.

Choosing a Plastic Card Printer: Creating Security Badges, Authorisation Cards, and More

The ID process was once difficult, demanding third-party plastic card printer machines and uncertain quality. Now, however, all printing solutions deliver convenience – with our team providing access to the industry’s top brands and technology. Through our extensive collection of HID Fargo and Matica platforms, we promote simplicity with every operation.

Showcase the identity of every employee through:

Economical Footprints: our plastic card printers boast compact designs, allowing them to adapt to even the smallest office spaces. Massive, impractical machines are no longer required.

Wireless Capabilities: many plastic card printers in Australia feature integrated wireless capabilities, allowing operators to access them from any location. This enables easy printing while on-the-go.

Diagnostic Assessments – to ensure the long-term value of every plastic card printer machine, diagnostic features are provided. These help operators to quickly identify potential issues and perform basic troubleshooting.

Intuitive Functions – simplicity defines our plastic card printers, with all operations tailored to user demands. Intuitive screens promote effortless installations, maintenance, and project inputs.

Through these benefits, our machines (which include the DTC1250e, the DTC425e, the HDP 5000, and the HDOP 8500) allow companies to quickly print high-definition identifications – with elements like colour assistance tools and encoding technologies creating custom personalisation options. This allows each platform to accommodate corporations, universities, and private sector industries.

To provide those industries with the superior service they deserve, we pair each plastic card printer in Australia with genuine parts. Tech Data doesn’t rely on third-party (compatible) supplies. We instead connect every client to authenticated options – promoting seamless installations, maintenance, and replacement procedures. Our experienced team will also offer technical support to ensure convenience.

Create ID cards with aid from our quality printers and genuine consumables. Contact us today at 1800-635-209 to learn more.

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Australia’s commercial, industrial, and educational landscapes are forever changing. Our printing machines allow companies to keep pace with those changes – delivering quick and efficient solutions for every ID demand. Allow us to offer sterling platforms and innovative technology.

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