We Provide Plastic and PVC ID cards to Keep Your Business Secure

As you’re already aware, ensuring your business is secure needs to be a top priority. Unfortunately, though Australia’s crime rate is low when compared to many other developed countries, theft and vandalism are still threats to your business. You may have a comprehensive insurance package that will cover the total cost of stolen equipment, but theft could result in downtime that hampers your ability to do business as usual. Plus, thieves and vandals could cause irreversible damage if sensitive data is corrupted or goes missing. The question is, how do you ensure your business is as secure as possible?

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure your locks are sturdy and can’t be penetrated by the most sophisticated of burglars. While all properties need to prevent break-ins, criminals commonly target business premises that house expensive equipment. You need to make sure your property is monitored 24 hours a day by security cameras, but you should be aware that hardened criminals will know how to bypass security measures such as CCTV and alarms. You need to ensure only authorised personnel can access your property whether you’re on-site or not, which is now easier than ever thanks to technological advancements.

At Tech Data, we provide ID cards that will keep your property secure. Our mission is to ensure all Australian businesses are impenetrable, and we endeavour to stay on top of the latest technological advancements to make your business as secure as possible. Though ID cards have been around for centuries, they’ve never had the advanced capabilities that our cards have until now.

How Do Plastic ID Cards Secure Your Business?

Nowadays, ID cards are more than just a method of identification; they’re a way to ensure only authorised personnel can access your property. Unlike traditional key locks that can be picked by those with expertise, locks secured with HID technology are tough to penetrate. Make sure all your employees and visitors possess PVC ID cards for the following reasons:

  • Modern cards and badges allow you to monitor activity – You’ll always know where your employees are and where they’ve been with modern ID cards, which work in conjunction with software applications to track activity and store data in comprehensive databases.
  • They grant access to specific areas – If you currently use a set of keys to allow access to specific areas of your business, you’ll no doubt be slowing employees down if they need to find the correct key for a particular door via trial and error. Plastic ID cards grant access to areas instantly simply by being pressed against a sensor.
  • No more micro-managing – Additionally, making employees request permission for access to restricted areas wastes time needlessly. You can ensure they have access to the rooms they need with modern PVC ID cards.

Print Your Own Cards

We understand that you need to ensure your business runs efficiently, so you won’t want to call us every time you need a new card. Fortunately, we provide printers that allow you to make new cards in minutes, meaning you can concentrate on work without any hassle. Contact us today to find out how our products can contribute to making your business more secure and efficient.